William B. and Angie Kurtz’s Drug Store (now Waters) – 100 S. Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075

B. Kurtz built the first real drug store in Solana Beach at 100 S. Highway 101. He and his wife, Angie, lived in quarters above the store. The Kurtz also had a soda fountain.

(Photo courtesy of the San Diego Historical Society)

A view looking north on 101.  In the foreground is Witmer’s Sandwiches, Fountain and Sundries.  Next door is I. E. Connor’s store.  Please note the sign for the Kurtz “Drugs” Store


(Photo courtesy of the San Diego Historical Society)

Kurtz Drug Store


(Photo courtesy of the San Diego Historical Society)

Interior of Kurtz Drug Store in 1929


(Photo from the San Dieguito Citizen, March 28, 1979)

The soda fountain in the Solana Beach Pharmacy, formerly Kurtz Drug Store in 1942, after remodeling by the new owner, Bill Meyers

[sources:  Early Solana Beach, Recollections by George C. Wilkens & Robert “Chuckles” Hernandez as told to Jim Nelson, 2002 and Solana Beach, Forty Years of Progress, 1922-1962, April, 1962]

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