Detached Garage of Witmer Residence and Drug Store – 150 S. Acacia

Just north of the original Estes house was a drug store, but it didn’t have a pharmacist. Witmer’s Sandwiches, Fountain and Sundries was originally a one-story building but a second story was added and Mr. and Mrs. Witmer lived upstairs above their store. They had a soda fountain the kids really loved. They sold patent medicines, shoe pads, adhesive tape, iodine, ointments – anything that came in a box.


A view looking north on 101. In the foreground is Witmer’s Sandwiches, Fountain and Sundries. (Photo courtesy of the San Diego Historical Society)

The Witmer’s (or Beebe’s) detached garage on Acacia has, since 1983-1984, been a down-home breakfast spot run by Ms. Jan Brown.

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